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"That's my customer - I do this for him every day"

A glimpse behind the scenes: The creators of MISSION POSSIBLE take stock

In 2013 MEVACO introduced a special mission: MISSION POSSIBLE. What was originally planned as a "normal" advertising campaign throughout Europe for tradespeople led to fascinating encounters with the people for whom MEVACO works every day. We wanted to find out what insights and knowledge MEVACO gained from this mission. We interviewed Managing Director Stephan Geiger, Head of Sales and Communication Ägidius Jung, as well as Kristin Fleer from Marketing.
What has changed for you within the company as a result of MISSION POSSIBLE?

Ägidius Jung: Before there were pictures of architecture hanging in our meeting rooms. Today there are portraits of people who we have met. It has had some type of effect in all locations. When you look at the faces of the people in the pictures and know: "That's my customer - I do this for him every day" - I think that things are changing subconsciously.

Kristin Fleer: Greater attention is now being paid to the customer benefits. Our performance is now the reason why the customer has benefits.

Greater attention is now being paid to the customer benefits.

Stephan Geiger: Beforehand we were always very enamoured by our products. We always showed what we can do and how great it looks. By virtue of this campaign we have turned our attention more towards our customers and naturally this also has an internal effect. It is an approach I adopt every day - I come out of the product temple and move to the partner level in communication. It is a very important aspect which is well-received by the customers: We show that we want to work together and also want to make it easy for the customer.

Are the responses from the customers in the interviews genuine?

Ägidius Jung: The customers weren't forced to talk about MEVACO, no threats were issued, (laughs) I was there during the evenings with the customers. There was praise, but also criticism in some cases. But what's on paper as statements under these profiles is the original, without words being put into our customers' mouths. And that showed me that we are on the right track.

What will you change about the campaign in the future?

Ägidius Jung: I think it is a pity that we have only interviewed people from the region here. I feel it is very important to show people from other European countries, who have a name, which suggests that we are a European company.

That showed me that we are on the right track.

Will there be a MISSION POSSIBLE 3.0?

Ägidius Jung: Development continues, we don't stop! We will continue to change, even more so in our orientation towards the individuals for whom we ultimately do all this for.

Stephan Geiger: But the motto stays the same.

Ägidius Jung: It is important that we give the customer the feeling that we are not detached, we have not withdrawn, we know you, we talk your language and understand you .

Kristin Fleer: We understand you and also want to understand you. Even if sometimes things are mentioned which we do not understand, we endeavour to find out what it is all about. We simply ask.

Was there any aspect of this campaign which completely surprised you, that you didn't expect?

Stephan Geiger: I was completely surprised that this troop who came together at the first regulars' table were ready to get involved straightaway - and also remained on board even with the high degree of intensity. That was remarkable.


MEVACO started MISSION POSSIBLE as an advertising campaign for tradespeople. Customers expressed their opinions in interviews and were also photographed in their workshops. The customers meet each other at regulars' tables and exchange information and ideas with MEVACO directly.

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