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Martin Elsässer in an interview on the subject of time

Martin Elsässer is a master metalworker with passion: he has been a master for over 35 years.He even works for the guild as an assessor in his spare time. Mössinger Stahl- und Metallbau GmbH, for whom he works, is one of the biggest companies in the Pforzheim area. Over 30 employees work on the site with an area of over 1500 square metres. The long-established company was founded in 1926 and is now managed by the owner Ulli Wetzel, in the fourth generation.
Mr Elsässer, what role does time play in your everyday work?

We are permanently pressed for time. The workday is of course limited, and most of the work has to be done during this time.

How much time do you spend each week at customers and in the workshop?

20 % customers, 20 % workshop, 60 % office. This means: I am in the company, in the office and at customers - and actually it is always everything at the same time.

Do you often try to "save" time?

Saving time is a very big thing. Time only happens once, so I can not really actually save it, or what do you think? I try to optimise my work processes so that they don't take too long. But this is very difficult because other factors always come up when I am trying to finish a job. For example, when I am working on costing and a customer telephones. You can't control these diversions. It's not possible to say: this doesn't interest me at the moment. Because I am not responsible for these things. And when a customer phones, the clear rule is then: the customer is king. So I can not give simply any answer. I often take something home with me. The customer who needs the offer is not interested in whether I did something else during the day. The work is there and must be done. (At precisely this moment his mobile phone rings - short break)

"The work is there and must be done."

How often is it very hectic at your work? How do you deal with the hustle and bustle?

Actually, it's always hectic. It starts in the morning and stops in the evening. And sometimes it carries on in the evening with the mobile phone. It doesn't stop when I leave my home. That's simply the way it is. I don't know any different. Earlier, I had my own company that I then merged with Mössinger. (The mobile phone rings again. He briefly answers a customer's question on a deadline.)

How much time do you need before an offer is ready?

Approximately 1 to 2 hours. But it all depends on what it is. It can sometimes take one to two days.

To what extent does the immediate price information (online or by phone) from MEVACO help you with your offers?

I have the prices faster, that helps. It's easier than asking somewhere else and then waiting. I can do it straight away as soon as I sit in front of my computer. That's really good. It saves time.

Do you also use the delivery deadline query?

I know very well that MEVACO has very short delivery times. I know when I order from MEVACO today that I will receive the goods in the next few days. Items on stock can, of course, also be included in the calculation. Because our customers also ask about the delivery deadline.

"Actually, it's always hectic. It starts in the morning and stops in the evening."

It is therefore an advantage that you can then pass on to your customers?

Yes, when the goods come faster I am also able to complete the order faster. Then there are also, of course, cases that are really urgent, I would not have them under control without the MEVACO delivery times.

Do you often phone MEVACO?

At the moment I hardly ever call, only when I have a problem, otherwise I look at everything online. Most of our orders are for goods in stock and we get them quickly and easily in the online shop.

How much time passes between a customer inquiry and submission of a tender?

Between straight away and 14 days, it always depends on the order itself.

Do you have a suggestion as to how MEVACO could provide you with even better support in submission of tenders?

(Laughs) You could lower your price. I am actually very satisfied and I think it's obvious that such a service comes at a price. My supplier must supply me with exactly what I need. Nothing more. MEVACO does that.

What are you proud of in your work?

„That I manage to solve something that others cannot solve. When someone says: "I have a problem, something or other doesn't work" - then this is interesting for me. Then I have to buckle down and find a solution. Because the customer consults us when he no longer knows how to do it himself. “

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