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Orhan Bingöl in an interview on the subject of orders

Orhan Bingöl is one of the "internet generation". The metalworker is open to all innovations in technology and likes to keep up with the times. He's worked a lot with the MEVACO online shop.
Is it helpful for you that you can use the online shop round the clock?

Yes, of course. I have also used it on Saturdays sometimes. And yesterday evening it was suddenly 6 o'clock. Even if I could have reached someone, he would have then said: send me a fax or an e-mail and I will deal with it tomorrow morning. And then I would have been unable to do anything further. So I worked through it online, and finished my own offer in the evening.

Mr Bingöl, what do you value about MEVACO?

The online services, for example They are tremendous. I sit down and look at them and then I can create or check an offer myself. There is no longer any need to wait as I had to do earlier. I think that's great. I have even had some successes. Yesterday, for example I printed out an offer from MEVACO, I didn't have to bother anyone, and then I included it in my costing. I did it by myself faster than if I had had to explain it to someone.

Apart from continuous availability - what advantages does the online shop give you?

I don't have to make a drawing for anyone! In the offer stage I often still don't even know the exact dimensions. So I cannot make a specific enquiry. I must simply have a look and browse through to see what there is. What it could look like. And then I can change it and compare it. That's exactly what I did. Simply assumed an approximate dimension and then used it to produce an offer.

"So I worked through it online, and finished my own offer in the evening."

How do you then order from MEVACO? More often in the online shop or by phone?

As a Swabian naturally in the online shop. Because of the discount (laughs). Then I can buy on account and immediately see all the prices. But above all, I can see the delivery deadlines for each of the parts.

Have you ever configured a desired product in the online shop?

Yes. That is really uncomplicated with MEVACO. I simply entered the dimensions and edges and then I was immediately given the price and delivery deadline, and could order. (Short break) But the first time I used it I was still unsure whether everything would really come as promised. I even phoned to check (grins). What can I say – everything came exactly as I wanted. Today I am no longer unsure. I am happy to make especially simple configurations online. Because I can then also order them in the evening.

Simple configurations? What do you mean?

Very many things can be manufactured customised, particularly with perforated sheets. For example, the corner forms or different sheet forms. But with MEVACO, only the simple configurations work in the online shop – the individual dimension and the edges. When I want even more customisation I have to order the sheet by phone.

"I simply entered the dimensions and edges and then I was immediately given the price and delivery deadline, and could order."

Are you satisfied with the process from placing the order right up to the delivery – regardless of whether by phone or online?

Honestly: as soon as I have placed an order I no longer think about it. When I order a customised product, I then briefly check the order confirmation and data sheet - and that's all. I can count on the promised deadlines. There's no need to ask any more – that's great.

What are you proud of in your work?

„When I drive past a building and see there is something from me there.“

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