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Jonathan Kirchner in an interview on the subject of simplicity

Jonathan Kirchner could actually never have imagined that he would become a metalworker. Now he is enthusiastic. He is happy that his everyday work demands everything from him: head and hand. To ensure he is able to concentrate entirely on his work, he values suppliers with whom everything simply runs well.
Mr Kirchner, what do you value about MEVACO?

We don't order our sheets from any other supplier. Nonetheless, I still deal with other manufacturers of course. With MEVACO the combination of everything pleases me.

Can you explain what you mean by that?

Yes. MEVACO has, for example, a very modern online shop. And you can really find everything on the website: from a film on expanded metal processing right up to specific applications. And my experience is that the employees are very pleasant on the phone. They were pleasant when I was still an apprentice when I possibly did not always say the right thing every time. But to be honest: I also like the jelly babies that are sent with every delivery. (Laughs) I make sure that I'm the one who accepts the delivery.

"MEVACO has, for example, a very modern online shop."

What advantages do you have in your everyday work when you work with MEVACO?

My everyday work is sometimes, how should I say, harsh. When you install a railing that stays outside overnight at sub zero temperatures, then you know what we're talking about here. I simply value it when I don't have to constantly bother myself with something. So I place an order, and then I know it comes. I can count on it. I have less stress when my supplier is reliable. And with MEVACO it simply works.

Do you profit from the short delivery deadlines?

Yes. Everyone here knows that in-store products ordered from MEVACO are usually already on their way to us on the same day or at the latest on the following day, depending on when I place the order. And if we are really honest, we count on that. We place our orders at the last minute because we know we can count on it.

What are you proud of in your work?

„I like it when there's really a lot of action in the workshop. When there's lots of hammering and grinding and everything vibrates . I enjoy getting stuck in.“

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